A r t i s t


Born :              1965 Johannesburg, South Africa

Education :     1990 La Jolla Academy of Advertising Arts, La Jolla CA.
                       1987 San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
                       1980 Christs College, London, England.
My art background is painting and traditional printmaking techniques including Lithography and Intaglio.

In 1986 I became interested in 3d computer animation. I find the technology exciting and came to understand that it is a viable medium for my art. I now use software designed for animation as my primary vehicle for my imagery.
Each element within my pictures is sculpted within a virtual 3d environment and can be viewed from all angles on screen. Careful attention is paid to texturing and  lighting in order to maintain a painterly approach.

I am drawn to narrative images that pose questions for the viewer.

Invented spaces and the stories that can evolve from them fascinate me.